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Ways travelling can improve your health

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Travelling can improve your health

We all love going on holidays or travelling. Year upon year, we eagerly await those sacred days off. Whether you go once a year for a week away, or whenever you have time available, there is something so refreshing about taking time to travel. So what happens if I told you that it has been proven that travelling can improve your health. Does it make you want to travel more?

There are so many obvious benefits to travelling. Not only does travel give you time away from the stresses of everyday life, it has also been shown to improve your health in many different ways. This isn’t just hearsay, it is all backed up by science. So not only can you discover the beauty of the world, you can get healthy at the same time.

Travelling can help you manage stress

As already mentioned, travelling can improve your help by taking you away from the sources of everyday stresses of life. This is great apart from when you return, those stresses of everyday life will return. So what if travelling could help you manage stress better?

Removing yourself from stress, even for just a while, can give you a whole different perspective on life and give your mind the time to relax, recharge and rejuvenate. It means that when you return to the stresses, you are better equipped to handle them. It has also been shown the stress relieving ability of travelling will stay with you for at least five weeks after you have travelled. So use that time to look at ways to handle these stresses better.

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Travelling can improve your health by increasing your happiness

Even before going on a trip, your health is improved as people experience a lot more sense of happiness when a plan to travel is in place. It was shown that people waiting for an upcoming trip were a lot happier in a lot of aspects of their life from family situations to their own health. And once you are away travelling, those new experiences help rewire your brain meaning that you have an increasing sense of happiness. Additionally, the lower cortisol levels from the reduced stress and increased happiness will leave you feeling more content.

Travelling can reduce the risk of depression

Suffering from depression can have a knock-on effect on your health. But one thing travel really does give you is lots of excitement with new places and experiences. This is a great distraction from everyday life and the combination of the two points mentioned above, less stress and increased happiness can result in a lift in mood.

Travel improves your health by helping you see the true essence of life

If you are unsure how discovering the essence of life can improve your health, well here’s why. Travel enriches you by opening you up to a diversity of experiences, culture and perspectives. It makes you realise that you do not need those material things that you always thought that you needed: the best phone, the fastest car and the big house. It has now been shown that experiencing travel leaves you happier than buying material things. So forget the stresses of competing to keep up with the neighbours, enjoy travel and all it has to offer you.

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Travelling reduces your risk of a heart attack

Having a heart attack can be a major risk to your health. So what if I told you that travelling can actually reduce your risk of having a heart attack. There are many factors to why travel can promote your health like this. It is well known that travellers tend to be more active, getting out and about, exploring the world more. Additionally, stress can put a major strain on your hearts, and as already discussed, travel can reduce your stress.

Travelling can improve your health by boosting your immune system

Travelling exposes you to different people, different environments and of course different germs. This means that light exposure to these germs makes your body create antibodies – meaning that your immune system will improve a lot. I’m not saying that you should go out there and put yourself at risk, always makes sure you practise hand hygiene and be careful that you eat and drink safely when in high-risk countries, but travelling really does boost your immune system.

Travelling improves your brain health

Travel really has expanded my mind. I have met new people, learnt new things and learnt to adapt to different ways of life to what I am used to. My mind is more creative and I have more awareness. Why, because not only do I travel to new places, but I also submerge myself in the culture. This happens because your brain is sensitive to change and learns from new surroundings. From different sights and smells to learning a different language, your brain is kept active. Your cognitive awareness becomes sharper, you become more mindful and all this helps with your personal development.

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Travelling keeps you fit

The difference between a one-week annual holiday and an extended travel trip can be a lot. One you are sipping margaritas on the beach by day and eating your way through a buffet by night. The other you are rope swinging through the jungle, paddle boarding in the sea and hiking through the wilderness. Now which one do you think will keep you fit?

Travelling exposes you to places on Earth that have healing properties

There are many places in the world where the mineral-rich waters have healing properties. These can clear up skin conditions, relieve stress and pain as well as increasing longevity. There are also many places around the world which are believed to be energy points, some famous ones being Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt. So you can plan your trips via these healing places or visit them as you pass through to improve your health.

It cannot be denied that travelling enriches our lives but now as you can see, it also improves your health through mind, body and soul. With all these positives effects on your health, no wonder your life expectancy is likely to be longer. So start planning your trip and start travelling. Your health will thank you.

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